It seems most people love squirrels. They are adorable!  Then again, not EVERYBODY loves squirrels. Especially this woman.

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Earlier in the year, a man in Loveland was in trouble because of squirrels. He was feeding squirrels on his property and his neighbors didn’t appreciate the holes that the squirrels were making in their yards.

Cut to Friday, October 13, 2017: A lucky Friday the 13th for one squirrel in Longmont. A woman who lives in Longmont was getting annoyed with this squirrel. Reports don’t say exactly what the squirrel was doing to get her peeved but peeved she was. So much so, that she took out a pellet gun she had in her bag and began pulling the trigger.

Luckily for that squirrel, the pellet gun had zero pellets or any other kind of projectile in it.

Longmont police arrived and arrested the woman on disorderly conduct charges. Also known as ‘Squirreling Around’ charges.

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