You may have already seen some businesses requiring that you wear a mask when entering their establishment; Larimer County is making that countywide.

Governor Polis announced in late April that masks/face coverings wouldn't be going away any time soon.

On Friday, May 1, the City of Fort Collins made it a requirement to wear a mask when entering any city building or facility.

I live in Loveland, and on Sunday saw a sign outside the liquor store that I was entering saying that everyone going inside had to have a mask on. I already had mine on and was covering my mouth and nose.

On Sunday, May 3, according to The Reporter-Herald, Larimer County put out a health order saying any person over the age of 2, needs to be wearing a mask/face covering before entering any business in the county.

The order goes for unincorporated Larimer County as well. If a city/town within Larimer County has a more stringent rule in place, then that order will supersede the county's new order.

How many masks do you currently have? I have two that I've been cleaning and reusing.

Get more on Larimer County's new mandate from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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