When BET announced its plans to pay homage to Mariah Carey at this year’s BET Honors, it raised a number of intriguing possibilities for guest performance artists. Given Carey’s long line of hits and large influence on the current crop of R&B divas, it seemed likely that the network would have its pick of big-voiced pop stars willing to pay her tribute — and it looks like they’ve chosen former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland.

Rowland is an appealing performer with plenty of fans in her own right, but she isn’t known for delivering the sort of powerhouse vocals associated with Carey’s songs, which makes her an interesting (and at the very least, unexpected) choice.

More problematic is Rowland’s relative lack of experience as a solo live performer. As some reports have already noted, asking Rowland to deliver a performance worthy of one of Carey’s biggest hits in such a high-pressure setting might be a tad unfair. However, she did perform a show-stopping medley on the finale of the U.K.’s version of ‘X Factor,’ and her days as a Destiny’s Child member saw her performing in sold-out arenas.

We don’t know which song Rowland is going to tackle, and we’re equally unsure as to whether she’ll be joined by another singer, which is usually the case with BET Honors performances. What are your thoughts? Do you think Rowland is a good fit for the job, or would you have preferred another artist to pay tribute to Mimi?

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