Cream was a popular band, out of England, in the 70s. Eric Clapton was in the band, which was founded by the drummer. That man’s name is Ginger Baker. It seems pretty clear, to me, that a new establishment in Fort Collins, Ginger and Baker, is playing off his name. Can they get away with that?

They want to drum up some business. Ba-dum-bump.

Ginger and Baker is slated to open in the new ‘River District’ of Fort Collins, just north of Old Town. Ginger Graham, along with her husband Jack Graham, own and will run the business, while Deborrah Traylor is the chef/baker. Ginger and Baker. I’m holding my side, it’s so clever!

Ginger Baker founded the band Cream, as the drummer, in the 70s. Eric Clapton came to fame while being in that band. Ginger Baker was the drummer. I’m not even that versed in 70s album rock, but even I know the name Ginger Baker. It’s clear that Ginger and Jack are trying to be clever. Why wouldn’t they call their place ‘Ginger and THE Baker?’ Because that’s not as close to saying 'Ginger Baker.' - In my bumble opinion.

Ginger and Baker. It’s not even correct grammar. MAYBE if the chef/baker’s last name was Baker, there would be no issue. We’d all say, ‘Wow, 'Ginger and The Baker' - what a convenient coincidence!’ However, that is not the case.

Dam Good Tacos recently changed their name because Torchy’s Tacos came to town, and their slogan is 'Damn Good Tacos'. A few years ago, a Loveland restaurant got into it with the brother of Elon Musk (of Tesla fame), becaus of the Loveland restaurant’s name, The Next Door, seemed too similar to his chain of eateries ‘The Kitchen (Next Door).’The Next Door is now known as Door 222.

I bring up those cases because they’re examples of money coming to town and pushing the mom-and-pop places around. In the case of Ginger and Baker, the Graham’s are a mom-and-pop with plenty of money to fight a legal claim If Ginger Baker wants to sue. They’d probably win- by giving Ginger a wad of cash. I like to think he WOULDN’T take a settlement, but it just feels like the Grahams are sitting there saying ‘Please, Ginger Baker will never even hear about us, let alone sue.. ‘

I contacted Ginger Baker’s Facebook page about their establishment’s name. I'm in radio. I must know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy who is Ginger Baker's publicist. I want to know if he knows and if he cares. Obviously, I do.

What do you think?

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