Coloradans gained another option when it comes to casino gambling, when the new Horse Palace at Swan Ranch casino opened in June of 2024. If you love slot machines and/or have always wanted to try off track betting, you're in luck.

Driving up to Central City or Black Hawk can be a hassle: it's far, the traffic along the way can drive you nuts, and the weather can be "iffy." You may make plans weeks ahead of time to go, only to ditch those plans because the drive "looks nasty."

How about a quick jaunt up I-25 for a little fun, instead? Or you can augment your Colorado casino action, with this spot south of Cheyenne.

It was announced in early June of 2024, that the successful Horse Palace chain of casinos throughout Wyoming would be opening an entertainment complex just north of the Colorado border. Just a few short weeks later, Horse Palace at Swan Ranch opened.

New Casino in Wyoming Opens Just North of Colorado Border

It only takes about 30 minutes on I-25 to get from Fort Collins to exit 4 in Wyoming, where not only will you find the Wyoming Welcome Center, but also the Horse Palace at Swan Ranch, on the west side of the exit.

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Is Horse Palace at Swan Ranch on a Native American Reservation?

While there are casinos on reservations in Wyoming, the gambling that you'll find at Horse Palace casinos is based on horse racing. You can bet on live horse races with their off track betting, and the slot machines operate on algorithms based on "historical horse races."

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Horse Palace at Swan Ranch officially opened on Saturday, June 22, 2024. Always one to check things out on opening days, I traveled the (roughly) 40 miles from Fort Collins to take a look, and try my luck.

What You'll Find at Horse Palace at Swan Ranch

  • Slot Machines.
  • Off Track Betting.
  • A bar.
  • High Plains Steakhouse area.
  • Dunkin.'

New Casino in Wyoming Near Colorado Border

If you love slot machines and/or have always wanted to try off track betting, you're in luck.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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