As I continue to eat my way across NoCo, I will keep you update with my Bottomless Pit Food Review. Yesterday I was out and about around Fort Collins and stopped by the Silver Grill Cafe. Located on the corner of Walnut and College, I was really excited to find this place as breakfast food is probably my favorite, excluding tacos, although you can get breakfast tacos (which I love).

I am however a creature of habit. Besides breakfast tacos, I almost always order one of three things. 3 eggs over medium with hasbrowns and bacon, biscuits and gravy with three scrambled eggs and bacon, or a veggie omelet with hashbrowns. However, at the Silver Grill Cafe you have a lot of options. Including their famous cinnamon rolls. I didn't get one, but I can tell you just by looking at them, they look amazing and are huge.

In typical creature of habit fashion, I ordered a veggie omelet with hashbronws. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The omelet was amazing. Loaded with veggies and the hashbrowns were perfect. Above all to accompany my breakfast was a glass of freshly squeezed OJ. and I mean fresh. Nothing but squeezed oranges. They actually have a machine front and center that squeezes the juice out.

I could not recommend this place enough and will be heading back many times to work my way through the breakfast options there. By the size of the menu, that's going to be a lot of trips, which I am ok with.

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