An outbreak of rabies cases has prompted Larimer County, CSU, and the Larimer Humane Society to team up and offer free vaccinations for pets this weekend.

In Larimer County, the number of known rabies cases is now 43 animals: 29 skunks, six bats, four raccoons, three foxes and one barn kitten. The infected kitten is Larimer County's only reported domestic feline infection in 55 years. It bit or scratched eight people, who all sought immediate medical attention.

Two clinics will offer free rabies vaccinations from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, August 17th:

  • Murphy Center for Hope at 242 Conifer Street, and
  • Eagle View Veterinary Clinic at 4100 Kechter Road.

So get those pets vaccinated and keep them safe.  IT'S FREE!

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