The pandemic over the last 12 months has been a pain for everyone in so many different aspects of life, but the restrictions and guidelines continue to be a struggle for many in Colorado. We are hearing from The Gazette that Colorado continues to have some of the most strict guidelines still in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The data used to come up with these results actually came from WalletHub, saying that Colorado comes in eighth place when it comes to states with the most COVID-19 restrictions still in place. We had previously been in 13th place back in late January when these details were released, but many states have loosened restrictions which have made us move up this list.

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The Most Strict Guidelines in Colorado Regarding COVID

There are three main areas in that Colorado has remained very strict when it comes to COVID restrictions and those areas include reopening of restaurants, opening assisted living facilities, and the number of workplace temperature readings that are taking place. And I would agree with all three of these, as you can see examples of these restrictions in place all around us.

Colorado's Current Death Rate for COVID-19

Data released on March 2nd shows that Colorado has a current death rate of 105 per 100,000, which equals the 11th lowest death rate among all U.S. states. New Jersey has the highest death rate currently, and Hawaii has the lowest.

Obviously, we don't want anyone else to die from this virus. But we also hate to see so many people and families in our community continue to struggle due to restrictions and guidelines in place.

What do you think, does Colorado need fewer restrictions?

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