Native Foods locations are popping up like wild cauliflower all over the place these days, including one in the Choice City. If you eat Vegan, or just like free food, get set.

It was announced early in 2023, that Native Foods would be coming to Foothills [Mall,] being one of the now four Colorado locations of the chain, based out of California. They're wildly popular for those who enjoy the vegan-lifestyle, they should do well in Fort Collins.

Facebook/Native Foods,

It was recently noted that Colorado is in the Top 10 in states that are "Vegan Obsessed;" Native Foods must have seen that same data, and jumped on it. With Colorado's desire for vegan cuisine, this fast-casual joint should do well, in a tough (as of the last few years) location.

We have several co-workers at the radio station who are vegan, and they are super-excited about this new spot, dedicated to vegan culinary options. Honestly, it's a great place to try vegan, if you've been thinking about giving it a shot. Plant-based pulled pork, plant-based peperoni, plant-based "etc."


shawarma-style chickpeas and cauliflower, creamy tahini sauce, quinoa, arugula, tomato cucumber salad, ranch, mint, parsley.

It does sound interesting to a person who hasn't really embraced vegan options yet. Maybe I'll take advantage of the deal Native Foods is having for their Grand Opening-  Free Meals for the First 50.  I'll be able to check the place out, maybe see what else is going on at Foothills, and get a free meal. Win, win.

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