When I was an outsider looking in, I never really thought much about Colorado being a hotspot for BBQ, but it looks like I was WAY wrong (It's happened a time or two before). Both Fort Collins and Denver have been ranked as two of the top BBQ spots in the entire country.

According to OutHere Colorado and Yelp, some of THE best places for BBQ in the United States are right here in our backyard in Fort Collins and Denver.

Denver came in ranked highest on this list at #13, while Fort Collins came in at #50. This is very impressive considering we're looking at the whole country.

Other Colorado cities that made the list include Aurora, which ranked 60th, Colorado Springs, ranked 71st, Thornton, ranked 170th, and Lakewood ranked 190th.

Yelp reviews recognized these spots as the top in Fort Collins, and I must say I definitely agree with the top 2 (JoJo's and Nordy's) as they've been the only ones I've tried other than Serious Texas BBQ, which I really enjoy as well.

Here's what the top 5 BBQ places in Fort Collins are (according to Yelp). Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know.

 1. JoJo's BBQ

Seriously though, if I had to pick ONE, I'm all about Nordy's which came in at #2 on this Yelp list.

AJ Battalio/ TSM
AJ Battalio/ TSM

The top 5 BBQ spots in Fort Collins were rounded out by these three spots:

3. Hog Wild BBQ

4. Mo Jeaux's

5. Moe's Original BBQ

As for Denver, some of the best mentioned on the BBQ "to-eat list" included Kitchen TableRagin' Hog BBQSmokin' Yards BBQOwlbear Barbecue, and Roaming Buffalo BBQ.

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