There are "Super Sized" changes coming to nine Fort Collins-area McDonald's restaurants that include kiosks, digital menu boards, table service, and at home delivery!

According to the Coloradoan, franchisee Pat Luther and her family are renovating their restaurants as part of the corporation's $111-million dollar upgrade for almost 150 McDonald's in Colorado. There have already been some upgrades at the McD's on West Elizabeth that include table sensors that lets the server know where to bring the food.

These upgrades also tie in today's technology and with the tech savvy as McD's also has an order app which allows you to place an order from home, the office, or wherever. Place that order and then go to the respective store to have it delivered to your car.

As for the home delivery, McD's is teaming up with Uber Eats to bring your favorite McDonald's meals to your front door.

The Luther's told the Coloradoan that none of their 675 employees lost their jobs due to kiosks or other self-order features.

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