Did you know residential neighborhoods in Fort Collins can require parking permits?  Neither did I!

I mean, sure, I've lived in apartment complexes that require permits; but that's a little different, because you're dealing with an actual parking lot on private property.  But requiring permits to park on the street?  That's just...actually, it's kinda brilliant.

Okay, so needing a permit can be kind of a hassle if you're just visiting a friend or trying to avoid the Old Town parking garages; but for residents, I can see how a program like this could be a good thing.

I used to live on a street where way too many people would park their cars.  Most days, it was too congested to even allow for two-way traffic; and that's just ridiculous!  I'll bet requiring permits would have helped a lot!

The program is intended to help neighborhoods maintain their residential feel by keeping out student or business parking. It is also enforced using a vehicle-mounted license plate reader.

[via The Coloradoan.]

Would you vote for a parking permit program in your neighborhood?  I think I would!