On Thursday night, Fort Collins social media sites started buzzing about movie-goers being evacuated from the Cinemark Bistro Theatre at the Foothills Mall, where a strong police presence had formed.

Just after 10 p.m. Thursday in the Word of Mouth Fort Collins Facebook Group:

Holli stated, “Just got evacuated from Cinemark Bistro theatre in the middle of the movie. Staff & cops wouldn’t say why. Does anyone know?”

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Macy said, “Anyone know what’s going on at the Cinemark at the mall tonight? My kids and husband just went and they shut off the movie halfway through and there were police everywhere.”

As usual, the comments ranged from unfunny political remarks and extreme concern.

I immediately pictured if that had happened when I was there last week watching Spider-Man with my boys. They would have been so freaked out, plus very disappointed to have not finished the movie.

Fort Collins, Colorado, Police Respond to Movie Theater Threat

Fort Collins Police tweeted 

If you have any information about who may have made this bomb threat, contact the Fort Collins Police. You can call them at 970.419.FCPD (3273).

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