A previous COVID-19 outbreak at Chick-Fil-A in Fort Collins was worse than reported according to the Colorado Department of Public Health.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported that the original outbreak of COVID-19 at a Fort Collins Chick-Fil-A was three times worse than initially believed according to the Coloradoan.

Back in May, we told you about an outbreak that sickened 4 people. Turns out, that number was wrong and the restaurant had nine employees that tested positive with another five probable cases. When the outbreak originally happened, Chick-Fil-A closed it's doors for a week.

Katie O'Donnell, spokeswoman for Larimer County Public Health and Environment said this:

The employees were not at work and had no contact with Chick-fil-A's customers while they were contagious.


The state health department reported 3,530 residents at statewide facilities have tested positive for COVID 19. Another 898 have tested positive, and 698 people in facilities statewide have died.

Source: Coloradoan

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