Plans are being made for snow days, road closures, and staying home with chili. But, that's tomorrow. Tonight, have fun testing a new game.

The 'Bomb Cyclone Bizzard of 2019' is on its way to Northern Colorado. They'll be a lot of mayhem out there on Wednesday: WIND. SNOW. BLOWING SNOW. Roads will be shut down, especially on the eastern plains.  Good grief.

Tonight, we need some fun.

May I suggest checking out a new game, created by a man in Wellington, while having a couple of craft beers?

It's happening at Old Colorado Brewing Company in Wellington. Starting at 6:30, you can help 'beta-test' a new game created by a Wellington resident. It's a 'get to know you' game called 'Top That.' This will be the last night for folks to try it out and give their comments/suggestions.  In way of saying thanks for doing so, the game's creator will buy your first beer!

Heck yeah! Tomorrow, we'll be stressed about The Blizzard. Tonight? We relax!

Get more on it by checking out their event HERE.

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