If there is one thing we know about 9NEWS Denver's Kyle Clark (other than he has a colorful blazer collection and gorgeous baby blues that have all of us tuning in at 6 p.m., 9 p.m. and again at 10 p.m), it's that he really hates photos of patio furniture covered in snow.

I KNOW, I know. You're like, 'Shelby, please, that is like sooo 2013. And stop making our local news anchors so uncomfortable.'

But, you know... he's just so cute when he's mad. Have I taken this too far yet?

So, Kyle, with love, from Fort Collins...

Check out this bench.

Wow, an entire patio! This is really going to set him off, Ryan Arias.

Looks like Find of the Day found some patio furniture covered in snow today.

Sweet fort, bro!

The Rainbow Restaurant was like, 'Yo we see your photos and we raise you a video -- how you like that, Kyle Clark?'

And, lastly, I don't have any patio furniture, so in true Fort Collins fashion, I just took a photo of a bike.

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