It's no secret around here that I love Kyle Clark from Denver's 9News. It wasn't those gorgeous baby blues that won me over, however, as much as it was the snow-on-patio-furniture tirade in late 2013. 

I know, I know, the whole radio-girl-likes-man-on-the-news thing has so been done before *cough* Mollie *cough.* But, what Kyle Clark did recently really made me admire him even more:

Confuse a whole bunch of stoned Coloradans. 

In honor of the Broncos (yes, football ughhhhhh), Clark decided to alternate between blue and orange blazers during his newscast, which ultimately just really threw people for a loop. Especially those who were getting blazed while watching 9News.

9News' own hilarious report on the wardrobe wonder.

Oh, Kyle. Pretty and funny.

(Honorable mention -- CBS Denver's Justin McHeffey). ;)  ;)

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