They’ve begun. It should be completed and open by first quarter of 2018. It was initially called the ‘South Catalyst’ project in Downtown Loveland. Now, it's 'The Foundry.' If you live in Loveland, you know it’s happening, but have you heard…?

Dave Jensen, TSM

The Foundry - Basically, it’s the area between Lincoln and Cleveland, and the area between 1st Street and the alley just south of The Rialto (Back Stage Alley). They’re redeveloping the area to make it a destination for not only Loveland residents but for folks from all over Northern Colorado. I can see where folks are not totally up to speed on the project, but I grew up in Loveland, so this project really interests me.

Here are 5 things you may not know about the project:

You can get all the details on The Foundry from the City of Loveland - HERE!

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