It's always been a benefit to me, being a broadcaster for over 30 years, to meet people and to learn about their lives and how they are changing the world....even if that world is just their home city or state. Such was the case for me this week when I had the pleasure of speaking to Ken Ziel - CEO and Founder of HighPointe Services in Fort Collins.

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are easily forgotten or set aside, but certainly not with families faced with this challenge and not at HighPointe Services. This is an organization focused on improving the lives of their clients with their Personal Growth Plan and with tender hands from a staff who are dedicated each day to help them grow. This is a huge endeavor that doesn't have a day off and requires a passionate focus on their mission: to serve others as we would be served.

Ken Ziel is passionate about the daily work and efforts at HighPointe Services as his family experienced life with a child with developmental disabilities. It was from that experience that Ken created this service with full knowledge of the needs that these adults have starting at the age of 18 and throughout their lives. Also, the needs of the families throughout their lives. HighPointe helps to fill that need and the do it with donations. They are a non-profit organization.

I had the pleasure of spending time with Ken to learn more about him, about the services provided at HighPointe, and how we can help them continue with their great work.

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