The staff at the Denver Zoo works hard every day to make sure all of the animals are living their best lives. Even with the current closures, zookeepers have been going above and beyond to keep the animals stimulated and well taken care of. 

All of their efforts have not been going unnoticed, as it was announced on Tuesday that the Denver Zoo has earned the American Humane Certified Seal, based on the treatment of their animals. The certified seal was awarded by an organization called American Humane, which is the largest certifier of animal welfare practices in the world.

American Humane evaluates zoos extensively, specifically looks at factors like health and housing, positive interactions between animals and handlers, animals within groups, safe and stimulating environments, and evidence of thorough medical protocols. Ultimately, they are looking for the highest quality and care for the creatures within the facility.

The Denver Zoo not only exhibited all of these characteristics and practices, but passed rigorous audits which now brings them into an exclusive group of 60 institutions that qualify for the certification. The Denver Zoo was commended for voluntarily choosing to undergo the evaluation.

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Animals of the Denver Zoo


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