Since visitors aren't allowed at the Denver Zoo right now, some of the local residents got the chance to venture out and explore the grounds – flamingling, you could call it.

Because of the current closure, zoo keepers have been exercising the Chilean flamingo chicks by taking them on walks around the property. On Monday, keepers thought it would be fun for the adult flamingos to tag along for the excursion. Only a small group out of the 77-bird flock chose to go for a stroll, but keepers gave them all the opportunity to walk out of the habitat door if they wanted to.

The flamingos stretched their legs while walking the pathways, curiously checking out other exhibits along the way, and even stopped by to say hello to the penguins before calling it a day and heading back to their habitat. In addition to exercise, zoo keepers say allowing the birds to do this type of activity also provides mental stimulation.

The zoo remains closed to the public until further notice.

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Animals of the Denver Zoo


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