There seems to be a theme developing in Colorado. Last week we learned of a Cat Wine Bar opening in Denver, and now a Denver-based company has created Cat Wine.

Townsquare Media, Alana Lynn
Townsquare Media, Alana Lynn

Sure we've all cuddled up with a bottle of wine and our cat for the latest "Bachelorette," and if you haven't done it, just pretend you have so I don't feel alone.  While you are sitting there sipping on your wine, bet you never thought your cat could sit and have a glass with you.

Now they can thanks to Apollo Peak.  They have created a red wine just for cats. The wine comes in flavors like Pinot Meow and MosCATo. The alcohol-free wine contains organic catnip and organic beet juice. The creators say it started as a joke, but then the marketplace responded.

Dog lovers, don't worry, Apollo Peak, has wine for your canine friends too. The wine is sourced from local farmers and shops and is completely safe for your pets.

Your cat will not get drunk from the wine but will exhibit some of the same behaviors as they do when they have catnip.  You can buy your wine here.


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