Cyndi Lauper is putting her money where her mouth is for her upcoming concert in North Carolina. The singer is donating the proceeds from the show to an organization that is fighting to repeal recent legislation that has been called "the most anti-LGBT bill in the country."

North Carolina Governor Patrick McCrory signed House Bill 2, more commonly known as the so-called "bathroom bill," into law in late March. The most-debated part of the bill forces transgender people to use the public restroom assigned to their biological sex as stated on their birth certificate, but its critics have decried other parts of the bill that "barred local municipalities from creating their own rules prohibiting discrimination in public places based on sexual orientation and gender identity," according to ABC News.

LGBT rights groups have argued that the law opens the door to a wide array of discriminatory practices against gay and transgender people, while its supporters say it reinforces religious liberty. A number of companies and musical acts -- including Bruce Springsteen and most recently Cirque Du Soleil -- have canceled upcoming events scheduled in North Carolina in protest. Emmylou Harris and Billy Ray Cyrus are among those who've also spoken out against the legislation.

Lauper is a longtime supporter of LGBT rights, and founded the True Colors Fund. She is set to release her first country album, Detour, in May, and she has a concert scheduled in Raleigh on June 4 in support of that project. In a press release Friday (April 14), she announced her intention to go forward with her show.

"Me and my team at the True Colors Fund have been closely monitoring the situation in North Carolina and support the efforts of the Human Rights Campaign, Equality North Carolina, and others to repeal HB2 in the upcoming legislative session. The pressure to repeal HB2 is building and it is beautiful," the singer states.

"I have seen time and time again what can happen when people join together to do what is fair and the effort to repeal HB2 is the right and fair thing to do. I am hopeful that all of the current efforts to repeal HB2 will be successful and the True Colors Fund and I will continue to do all that we can to help," she adds.

"In that vein, the best way I know how to make a difference is what I have strived to do my whole life and that is show up for my family, friends, and fans in the LGBT community. So, for that reason I think the best way I can do my part is to turn my show in Raleigh on June 4th into an entire day to build public support to repeal HB2."

Lauper will donate all of the profits from the Raleigh show to Equality North Carolina's efforts to repeal HB2.

"I look forward to coming to North Carolina and standing up for equality and fairness," she states. "If we truly want an inclusive society, we all have to include ourselves in the effort to make that happen. This is the best way I know how to include myself and urge you to join me in the best way you know how.”

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