Every team and every fan of College Football is excited and optimistic about the upcoming season. There is hope that all the players make it out of fall practices without injury and will be available for the entire schedule. We don't often consider the coaches.

Rams Head Coach Mike Bobo spent 10 days in a hospital recently for treatment for peripheral neuropathy - weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage - that lead to numbness in his feet. The time away from his job and his team did not sit well with Coach, but he used that time watching practice video on a laptop. Now, he's back and ready to go.

According to the Coloradoan, Coach Bobo was released from a Denver hospital early Tuesday evening and eventually made his way to Canvas Stadium to meet with his coaches. He was back on the practice field Wednesday, but spent most of his time in a golf cart.

Bobo told the Coloradoan that he is undergoing treatment to recover feeling in his feet but doesn't know how long it will take for full recovery. Meanwhile, the Rams kick off the season this Saturday against Hawaii at Canvas Stadium at 5:30pm. Coach Bobo will be there, but instead of roaming the sidelines on his feet or in a golf cart, he will be coaching from the booth.

Source: Coloradoan

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