The season is kicking off a little earlier than other programs across the country, but the excitement level is as high as the expectations for this year CSU Rams 2018-2019 team.

The Rams host Hawaii tomorrow (Sat. Aug 25th) at the newly christened Canvas Stadium in downtown Fort Collins. Kickoff is at 5:30pm and the weather is expected to be perfect: Sunny/High of 90/Slight chance of showers.

Head coach Mike Bobo will be at the game but coaching from the booth as he continues to deal with numbness in his feet as a result of a recent peripheral neuropathy diagnosis.

This is the second season with the new stadium and by now most who attend the games are aware of the transportation and parking situations. It is certainly different than the wide expanse that was Hughes Stadium, but the on-campus vibe this new stadium brings to every game is incredible.

Here are some things to remember as we begin the season:


  • Transfort bus service will be free while game day activities are underway.
  • MAX service will begin several hours before each home game and will end when everyone has cleared the stadium
  • An ADA-accessible shuttle is also available at the Prospect Station to take fans to and from the stadium.
  • Transfort will not be providing shuttle from CSU's south parking lot near Drake to the stadium this year due to an agreement with CSU.
  • For all transportation needs/info:


  • There are several neighborhoods near the stadium that instituted the Game Day Residential Parking Permit Program. That means parking is restricted and cars without a permit will be ticketed and towed.
  • All parking on the main campus is for ticket holders that have purchased Game Day parking permits.
  • For parking needs/info:


  • If you drive around the campus and downtown Fort Collins frequently, then you know it can get busy without a game. Game day means avoid the area if you're not attending. Biking and/or walking is recommended for those who are attending.

Get out there and makes some noise for the CSU Rams! Enjoy the beauty of that new stadium! And, FIGHT ON YOU STALWART RAM TEAM!!

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