NORAD has been tracking Santa for decades, so it only makes sense that now they'd have a way to keep track of St. Nick with your smart devices.

The story on how NORAD, inside Cheyenne Mountain, south of Colorado Springs, became the source for tracking Santa is legendary: A wrong number printed in a Colorado Springs newspaper ad was actually the direct line (like the President might use) to contact NORAD.

Kids started calling NORAD wanting to give their Christmas list to Santa, and instead of being Grinches, they played along. And the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has enjoyed playing along since that very first wrong number back in 1955.

Now, 65 years later, in addition to the phone line (which won't be as manned as in previous years, due to COVID-19) and the website, there's the NORAD Santa Tracker app.

The app counts down the days until Santa's journey (of course,) plus, it has games and stories.  The app is free and available for Droid and iPhone devices.

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