There's a point in everyone's life where you are scrolling through social media sites, and you sit there shaking your head thinking "how did we get to this point?" Right?

With the uptick in violence and now heated political commentary from more "experts" than one country should be allowed, I'm tired. Tired of seeing passive-aggressive posts, friendships in ruin, families broken, and a culture that has become so obsessed with the face and bodies in the mirror that we've forgotten about the heart inside.

I can't tell you how many times I have opened my Facebook app, only to close it after seeing something ridiculously negative, mutter to myself "I am going to give up looking at Facebook for a bit." But then another television commercial comes on, or the person in front of me in line takes a bit longer, so to pass the time, I open it again. It starts this vicious cycle that only takes time off when I sleep but has a little reprieve as the moment my eyes open I hit the "F" logo on my phone eager to see what I've missed in the five hours I had my eyes closed. It turns out; I didn't miss anything at all.

We live in the most beautiful state and, thankfully, in a state with so many mountains there are plenty of places to go where the temptation of the small screen will be put to rest. Here are some places in Colorado to go with your friends and family, all while leaving your phone comfortably tucked away.


Resources for a technology free vacation.