The way you carry your driver's license may soon be changing.

Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado is set to become one of the first states to offer a digital version of your driver's license. The program will be a two-year test where your license will be on a mobile app and will do away with the need to keep a hard version of your license in your wallet.

If you get pulled over or if you are at the airport you can just pull out your smartphone. No word on how that looks when you're at a bar or liquor store.

The pilot program is funded by the U.S. Commerce Department with Idaho, Maryland and the District of Columbia all taking part in it. Iowa has already been using the program.

If security is your concern, the digital licenses are said to be very secure, requiring a PIN or fingerprint verification. It will also make it difficult to have a fake ID.

Should your phone be lost or stolen, your license can be remotely deactivated almost immediately.

Details like start date and who will be participating are still being worked out.