Briana Kimble lives in Littleton, Colorado. Life hasn't always  been so grand for Briana, but on Friday (May 2, 2014) she was rewarded with something great for all of her hard work!

Courtesy: 7News

Our friends at 7News are sponsors of The Sean "Ranch" Lough Memorial Scholarship Foundation which is giving Briana Kimble a full-ride scholarship to CSU!

Briana’s story is one of survival and perseverance:

From 7News:

She lived in a Jeep for a while and was begging people for money just to be able to buy food and survive. "That was one of the rougher parts of my life," Kimble said. But Kimble stayed in school and kept her focus on academics, while also working to support herself. And those years of hard work have paid off.

How cool is that?

So, if you see Briana around the CSU campus- tell her Congratulations!

[Source: 7News]

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