Colorado raced past the top 50, the top 25, waved heartily at the top 20, and landed in the top 10 of states who just like to ignore the signs.

If you've ever driven down Horsetooth Road, Highway 34, or, of course, the interstate, you know that Colorado drivers love to disregard the posted speed limit in Colorado.

A new report from shows that Colorado ranks at #6 for having the most drivers with a prior speeding ticket issued. Nearly 14% of our drivers have seen the flashing lights behind them and thought, 'Uh-oh.'

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Ohio, with just over 16% of drivers having been 'popped' for speeding, is #1 on the list. Delaware is at #10 with only about 13%. Wyoming is also in the top 10, but seems to be doing better than Colorado (surprising, with all the open roads in the Cowboy State) at #8 with 13.74%.

It seems whenever speeding is brought up, I flash back to David Letterman's notorious reputation for getting speeding tickets in Connecticut on his way home after taping his show. His love of speed lead him to become a racing team owner in 1992.

How fast do you like to drive? Do you go five over the limit (which seems common)? Do you like to push it (10-15 over)? Or, do you really push it?

Get more on the U.S. speeding ticket percentages from HERE.

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