When in comes to the great outdoors and finding adventure, there's nobody better at it than Dylan McWilliams. He is an outdoor enthusiast with a special gift: wrong place at the wrong time and with the most phenomenal luck.

About seven months ago, you might recall the story of a young man who got attacked by a 300-pound black bear as he was sleeping at a Colorado campground. That would be Dylan McWilliams. He said at the time that he woke up to the sounds of crunching. That would be his head as the bear sunk its teeth into the young man's skull and attempted to carry him away. He was lucky to survive that situation with nothing more than a few stitches and an incredible story.

This past Thursday, Dylan was swimming about 50 yards of Shipwreck's Beach off Poipu in Hawaii when a shark sunk its teeth into Dylan's leg. He said the scariest part was swimming back to the beach. He was swimming fast and hoping that the shark wouldn't follow the trail of blood in the water. He did make it back safely and was treated at a clinic after waiting for an hour. He got seven stitches and another great story.

Dylan, from Grand Junction, Colorado, is a grizzled veteran of the outdoors at the young age of 20. Just in this past year he's been bitten by a bear and a shark. Oh, by the way, he was bit by a rattlesnake in Utah about 3 1/2 years ago.

All of this won't keep him from the outdoors. As he told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, "I'm either really lucky or really unlucky".


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