On June 5th, a 911 call was made from a campsite near Red Feather Lakes claiming the family was threatened by what they believed to be a bear. In a report obtained by the Coloradoan, the woman who made the call sought shelter with her two children in the family's Toyota Corolla. The man, meanwhile, was with their two dogs inside of a tent. While the family, according to the report, never saw a bear, they did hear noises that they attributed to a charging bear. The man in the tent, who's name is not in the report, said the animal jumped up and down on him while he was in the tent for "over an hour". He claimed to have suffered injuries in the incident and was sent to the hospital for evaluation.

This of course led to an investigation by Colorado Parks and Wildlife that included tracking hounds, a search party, and a bear trap. They also conducted more interviews with the family. After a week, investigators did not find any bear prints or other evidence that a bear was in the vicinity. In the report it was stated that bears often return to the scene "within hours or a day to try and find more food". This was not the case in this situation.

As for the unidentified man, he was released from the hospital but not before getting into "an altercation" with staff and he was almost placed "on a mental hold" after the hospital staff determined that he did not suffer any injuries in the incident. He apparently disagreed.


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