Coloradans like to be more active, it's a part of living in such a beautiful state.

While walking and hiking along the great Colorado trails can be fun, it's the intersections in town that we need to stay away from.

New data is showing that Colorado is very, very dangerous for pedestrians.

Pedestrian Fatalities in Colorado

Shockingly, Colorado would end up at the very top of a list of pedestrian fatalities, but that's where we stand or walk, so to speak.

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When you consider California, New York, Florida, and other well-populated states, how could Colorado be more dangerous? Especially given that we all have the same sort of distractions, namely smartphones.

What list puts Colorado as #1 for being deadly for pedestrians?

A law firm out of Florida studied research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2017-2021. Within that time frame, there were 433 pedestrian fatalities in Colorado.

Of those 433 pedestrian fatalities, 31.97% of them happened at intersections.

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How much more dangerous is Colorado for pedestrians as compared to other states?

Colorado's 31.97% is 85.4% more than the national average. That speaks volumes.

Why are Coloradans in more danger at intersections?

The research didn't have any definitive answers as to why, only a few theories:

  • Automatic transmissions.
  • LED headlights.
  • Aging population.
  • Increased smartphone use.

You can see, when it comes to smartphones, that both the pedestrian and a vehicle driver could be at fault for a fatality due to distraction.

This goes to show us Coloradans, that we need to pay more attention, not only behind the wheel, but while crossing the street on foot.

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