Well, here we go again! Fresh off the heels of closures along Prospect Road in Fort Collins, forcing commuters to find a new route between downtown FoCo and I-25 comes another planned closure. This time it's a Colorado State highway connecting two Northern Colorado cities for roughly 20 days as the Colorado Department of Transportation makes major bridge repairs.

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Effective 7 a.m. on Sept. 5 through 7 p.m. on Sept. 25, CO 257 will be closed for about 2 miles between Crossroads Boulevard and 10th Street in Greeley, almost to Highway 34.

Colorado 257 Windsor Detour map
Colorado Department of Transportation

Local detours will need to travel west on Crossroads toward I-25, then south on Highway 17 to get to Highway 34 before coming back east into Greeley.

Talk about a headache of a detour! This isn't exactly just around the block.

Commercial traffic will need to travel far east from just south of Windsor and zig-zag their way through the northern portion of Greeley to find their way around the construction and down to 10th Street, coming back west to meet up with 257 and Highway 34.

Colorado 257 Windsor resurfacing map
Colorado Department of Transportation

Needless to say, people who live in Windsor but commute to Greeley for work or school — or vice versa — will probably want to find a different route for the month of September, knowing that the detour will probably see a major increase in traffic while CO 257 is closed.

CDOT and the two cities are anticipating significant travel delays on this much-traveled highway between them, and as such, crews will be working extended hours and on the weekends to try and get the bridge repairs done as soon as possible.

You can stay up to date on the closure as well as any changes to the timeline of the works on the project page of the CDOT website.

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