Tis the season to go crazy with holiday lights and decorations in Colorado. Just make sure that you are keeping those decorations at home and not out on the road.

It may seem like a great way to bring in the holiday season, but unless you are part of a community parade or celebration, Colorado says you can't necessarily put them on your car. While there is not a specific state law against decorations, if police determine that your decorations are distracting to other drivers then you could be looking at a fine.

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Is it Legal to Drive With Christmas Lights on Your Car in Colorado?

In Colorado, you are not allowed to decorate your car with flashing and blinking holiday lights. It's not that the Colorado State Patrol are a bunch of Scrooges, they just want people to be safe out on the roads. Police in Colorado are on the lookout this holiday season for anyone who may have decorations on their car that could be distracting to other drivers. If your decorations are flashing on and off it could also make it hard for others to see your turn signal.

An Example of Overdecorating Your Vehicle

It looks pretty neat at night but this is the kind of thing that police are talking about that could be distracting to other drivers. If these lights are blinking up and down the road, you can bet the police may want to have a few words with you.

What is the fine in Colorado?

Unless you get a super-grinch officer, most cops are not out patrolling for cars with holiday lights on them. If you do go for it and get stopped, many times you'll receive a warning. However, if you are creating a hazard or distraction for other drivers, you'll probably end up with a pricey ticket that could cost

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