Two Colorado bear cubs emerged from their dens, looking for a little fun (or shall we say "mischief") more than foilage.

Where oh where was mamma bear when they took to this little trick?

Up the two went climbing a ski tower at the Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Watch the Colorado cub escapade below.

It looks like maybe a third stayed down below, perhaps to go tattle on the others. Siblings, after all.

Police dispatchers had as much fun with it as those watching the feat.

"The bears are climbing the tower."

"No way."

"Be sure they have elastic."

"It's OK, they're using Lobster Plus," another says, referring to a branded climbing gear.

"You better be taking videos."

After getting a good way up, the two decided to climb back down.

I guess this tower wasn't just right for these bears emerging from torpor. Yes, torpor.

Now is the time of year when bears emerge from their long winter's nap. But that time in the den is not called hibernation. Yes, you have been wrong all of these years.

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