The Denver Broncos are bringing a new look to the upcoming NFL season, with new uniforms. Fans haven't seen a change in uniforms since the 1997 season.

With the help of a well-produced "hype" video featuring a Bronco truck, horses, and Broncos players, the team introduced fans to the new gear. Change can be hard to take; will fans embrace the new look, or mark the move down as a "distraction from poor performance?"

Dubbed the "Mile High Collection," the new uniforms premiered on April 22, 2024, days before the NFL Draft, where many fans were eager to see who Head Coach Sean Payton will be shooting for.

Denver Broncos Helmet
Gabriel Christus, Denver Broncos

One thing that I noticed was with the helmets: They'll have 5280 right on the front. A reminder to opponents that Denver plays at a higher altitude, which makes them stronger on the road, and opponents weaker at Broncos home games.

In the "debut" video for the uniforms release, you get a glimpse at how players will look in the new uniforms.

Denver Broncos Uniform White over Blue
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Denver Broncos Uniform - All Orange

After the video posted, fans brought their reactions to not only the uniforms, but the "hype" video as well.

Denver Broncos Uniform - 3 Triangles
Ben Swanson/Denver Broncos

One accent on the uniforms is the addition of three triangles, representing Colorado's peaks and the Denver Broncos having won three Super Bowls; nice touch.

Many were upset that there wasn't a "Throwback" uniform, but the Broncos posted another photo including the "Classic Broncos" look.


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