Poudre Fire Authority and Larimer County Search and Rescue were on scene of a rescue from from 10 p.m. Monday until 5 a.m. Tuesday. 

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According to Poudre Fire Authority's Twitter, the rescue took place off of Highway 14 in the Poudre Canyon, where an injured climber was stranded in the dark, 200 feet up. Poudre Fire Authority and Larimer County Sheriff did not disclose any information about how the climber got stranded, or their condition, but the rescue lasted seven hours.

It's been a very busy summer for Poudre Fire Authority, especially around the Poudre River. According to Poudre Fire Authority's Instagram, in June, crews also responded to a night-time call in the canyon. A fisherman was reportedly swept downriver, and though he was able to get to shore, he still required a swiftwater rescue to get back across.

As early as May, Poudre Fire Authority responded to several rescue calls to people who were using the Poudre River recreationally, both in town and in the canyon. Poudre Fire Authority's website says that crews have rescued at least 18 people from the river this summer alone; 16 were in Fort Collins city limits.

With the high heat of the summer up on us, late July is typically when it becomes safer to use the Poudre River as a fun way to cool off, but authorities warn you to be prepared. Wearing a life vest, knowing the river's conditions and floating sober all help you enjoy the river safely. You can read more river safety tips here.

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