I am a lifelong, proud Broncos fan. Win, lose, or even being humiliated like this current dark chapter we are humbly enduring - it doesn't matter. I bleed orange and blue. Always have, always will.

So I do respect anyone that loves their own team so much they're willing to decorate their entire house in its colors and maybe even toss in a logo or some collectibles here and there.

But this house for sale in Joplin, Missouri is just a step too far for my taste. You see, there's a duplex listed for the low, low price of $275,000. That sounds like a bargain, until you look inside and realize that as a self-respecting Broncos fan, there's absolutely no way you could set foot inside. let alone live there.

The only acceptable outcome would be to find several hundred Broncos fans willing to toss a few bucks into a pot and rally together to buy this thing and get in there with some sledge hammers before letting a bulldozer take it down to the foundation. Who's with me?

You can view the full listing here. If you dare. Or just check out the gross pictures below.

KC Chiefs Themed House For Sale in Joplin, Missouri

There are no words for how hideous any self-respecting Broncos fan would find this house. But as of January, 2022, in the midst of a Chiefs playoff run, you could buy this house in Joplin, Missouri and celebrate all things Kansas City Chiefs - or demolish it. That's probably the more reasonable plan.

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