That big snowstorm over the weekend passed over our parts of the U.S. but Kansas City got hit pretty hard. This player's car was stuck - then help arrived.

Don't you hate driving to work on snowy days? Jeff Allen from the K.C. Chiefs feel your pain. On Saturday he was on his way to Arrowhead Stadium as the team was set to take on - and eventually beat- the Indianapolis Colts, but his car got stuck on Highway 40, and it was stuck good.

Low and behold, a good-samaritan came to his rescue - got him unstuck on his way to the game. Turns out the good-samaritan is a homeless person who lives in his truck along a dog and his girlfriend.

Allen was so grateful for the help, he promised that he'd track the man, David Cochran down and pay him back. After the Chiefs beat the Colts and therefore moved on to the AFC Championship game on January 20, again at Arrowhead, he had his gift.  Tickets the game!

Allen eventually DID track down David, and David couldn't have been happier. The gift from the offensive lineman, made David cry.

Sure, the Broncos won't be going to the AFC Championship, but it's nice to see a nice guy being able to!

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