When Uncle Dennis visits, he always brings some cool things for us from New York City. My daughter has more New York paraphernalia, than most traveling adults. This time in his bag of goodies, he brought a huge Hershey Kiss. I have fond memories of shaving and chizzling the grapefruit-sized Hershey Kiss that my Mom would occasionally buy us as kids, as a joke treat. This one was way bigger. It even had the white Hershey's ribbon, but enormous size.

We all had bets on whether it was hollow or solid. I guessed hollow because of the weight, but the package did not say. So, cutting into it was pretty fun. The worst part about these kind of treats, there is no way to regulate even pieces and it some how is like a pinata free-for-all, when it finally gives.

It was hollow. It was delicious. It was fun. Huge Hershey Kiss from NYC for the win!

Watch here as we open the huge Hershey Kiss