Owning a business is full of paperwork and information to keep in order. Take note of this important thing to update. The Larimer County Sheriff's is reminding business owners in Berthoud, Wellington, and unincorporated Larimer County to make sure they have the correct information for their after-hours contact.

The after-hours contact would be notified in the event there is a break-in, trespassing situation, or another emergency. Obviously, this would be a very important call to receive.
The Emergency Communications Center maintains a list of after-hours contacts for commercial businesses in these areas. The information goes directly to Dispatch so first responders can get in touch quickly if needed.
The form includes phone numbers and such, but also things that dispatch should be aware of, like unusual hours, animals on the property, gate codes or hazardous materials.

This form is not for businesses located in Fort Collins, Loveland, or Estes Park. Those businesses should contact the local police departments in their city to provide accurate contact info.

Things happen at nighttime. Make sure you can be contacted if the business you have worked so hard for, needs you.

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