Yes, they are called "Rocky Mountain Oysters," but they are far from being a seafood dish. When a restaurant gets famous for serving up bull balls (and buffalo balls,) it's good to see them spread the menu out to also include another "exotic" meat.

One Colorado restaurant that has been around since 1957, has made many friends while making a few "non-friends," with their cuisine. They've been serving bull balls nearly all of their existence. Have you tried "that one" burger, though?


In Severance, Colorado, you'll find Bruce's Bar. The name Bruce does apply, but the current owner is not the original "Bruce;" that would be Bruce Ruth. Ruth opened Bruce's Bar in 1957 out of a former recreation hall in the town. When you visit, you can still feel how there used to be weddings inside.

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While many, many people from Colorado and the region know of Bruce's selling Rocky Mountain Oysters, they may not know that Bruce's also has another "exotic" meat. Where Bruce's is probably not going to be mistaken for the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver, they don't shy away from "odd game."


It can be daunting to get friends and family into Bruce's for some "Oysters," especially when they know they're not oysters at all. Sometimes though, you do expose those friends and family to a tasty Colorado "delicacy."  Maybe you can get them to stick around for another one.


You have to go in and order one of their Deluxe Burgers; on that part of the menu, you'll see the option to substitute (for $3 more) either a 1/3 lb. patty of buffalo or a 1/3 lb. patty of yak.

Yak. You do not see yak on the menu of many restaurants, but it does seem to fit in at Bruce's. You can get it for about $14 if you're looking for something "different" to satisfy your hunger.


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