The number of Colorado locations of In-N-Out is well on its way to reaching a dozen, with the majority of them being south of Longmont.

There's just something about In-N-Out that gets people excited, when they announce a new location. Maybe it's just the sense of "fun" that comes with seeing that logo, and smelling those "Double-Doubles."

The first In-N-Out for Colorado opened during the pandemic, in late 2020. Four years later, they'll have opened their 10th spot. It's hard to say how "crazy" the crowds will be for this one; are Coloradans "over" the excitement of it all?

I was lucky enough to be one of the first 10 cars in line when the In-N-Out opened in Loveland, in 2023.

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I arrived at 7:30, prepared to wait over two hours for thing to get going, but they opened at about 9:00 a.m., and I had my "Double-Double," "Animal-Style" fries, and a vanilla shake by 9:30.

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Colorado's Latest In-N-Out Will Be Close to Lakeside Amusement Park

According to the Denver Post, In-N-Out will be coming to the corner of Wadsworth and 52nd Avenue, in Arvada, about three miles west of Lakeside. You could make it a day of fun, once In-N-Out opens: the craziness of Lakeside, followed by the craziness of a new In-N-Out.

In March of 2024, it was announced that In-N-Out would indeed be coming to Longmont, near Costco.

Where Are the In-N-Outs in Colorado?

  • Colorado Springs (2 locations)
  • Lone Tree
  • Denver
  • Thornton
  • Castle Rock
  • Lakewood
  • Aurora
  • Loveland
  • Longmont - (Soon)

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