America On Tap is bringing over 100 craft brews to Washington Park in Fort Collins on Saturday, May 2. With that kind of lineup, you’re going to want to taste as many as you can! As hosts of this big beer party, we want you to have an awesome time, and get home safely, too – especially if you've tasted a few too many.


It’s not a good idea to get behind the wheel (or even your handlebars) when you’re feeling the buzz. Calling a cab is always safe, but we've got some alternative options for you, too.

  • Ride the TransFort. Washington Park is just one block west of the Downtown Transit Center and the MAX line, which runs from Old Town to Harmony Road. Click here for the Saturday MAX schedule, and here to map your route.
  • Call Uber. Use your smartphone to arrange for Uber to pick you up, and drop you off at America On Tap.
  • Walk with your friends. The forecast predicts that Saturday will be sunny with a high of 77 degrees. If you don’t live too far, bring your buddies and some comfortable shoes to America On Tap, and enjoy some sunshine while burning off those beer calories on the way home.
  • Bring your designated driver with you to America On Tap. This is our favorite option. For just $10, you can bring your DD into the event (ticket sold at the door). They can enjoy the live music, vendors and some great food, while you can enjoy not worrying about getting home. Win-win.

If you haven't already, you can buy your ticket here. We hope to see you and your DD at America On Tap on Saturday!