A new organization called 'Brave Young Hearts' is helping kids in Colorado who have terminal illnesses experience adventure.  

Kerry "Papa Bear" joined me to talk about Brave Young Hearts and why it's an organization he and his wife knew they needed to start following the death of their granddaughter when she was just 4-and-a-half.

What is Brave Young Hearts and what do you do?

We grant adventures to all children with terminal or life-threatening diseases to provide a chance at normal!!!

Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to somewhere special? You plan and dream, and dream and plan, and as the day draws near, your excitement and anticipation make you feel like you’re going to burst! Then it happens, and it’s everything you ever hoped it would be!!!

The roller coaster effect: once you start the ride, you anticipate that first enormous hill and then, you’re off in a swoosh!!!! Excitement abounds!!!! As soon as the ride is over, you want to do that again!!

So it is with children that are enduring the fight against terminal or life-threatening diseases. Maybe, just maybe they dream and plan and plan and dream of doing something special. This is the reason Brave Young Hearts exists, to grant an adventure, a chance at normal for these kiddos.

What fundraiser do you have coming up? 

It's a Sporting Clays Shoot in Nunn, on Sunday, August 14th.  Registration begins at 8 am with the shoot starting at 10 am.  We will have prizes, a silent auction, and BBQ.  If you would like to donate an item for our auction, you can contact us here

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