Comedians Sam Tallent and Dave Losso, who will be at The Boot Grill Comedy Club in Fort Collins on Friday, February 5, talk to Shelby about punk rock and why they're banned from our Qdoba.

Well, OK, they may not tell us why (for legal reasons), but just know it did happen. The Boot Grill on Laurel in Fort Collins is now the home of The Boot Grill Comedy Club on Friday nights, and this week, Tallent and Losso will be on the lineup.

While Losso is from Chicago, Tallent is no stranger to Laurel Street, claiming he's 'puked all over the houses' around campus, as many of us can relate to.

I got the chance to speak with the two over the phone, where we chatted about Fort Collins' punk rock scene, the Blasting Room and bad 311 tattoos.

Photo: Hemera Technologies/ThinkStock