The Fremont County Sheriff's Office has released additional details in the events involving a woman found four miles from her abandoned vehicle in Wyoming.

But they've yet to identify the 35-year-old Illinois resident.

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According to a news release on Thursday, a Wyoming Department of Transportation employee notified the sheriff's office that a vehicle was parked several hundred yards off Wyoming Highway 28 on South Pass. The employee reportedly checked the vehicle and found it unoccupied, but did observe a single set of footprints leading way from the vehicle in the snow.

A deputy responded to the scene and followed the footprints south from the vehicle and found items that were apparently discarded by the victim, the release says.

As a result of weather conditions, Fremont County Search and Rescue responded along with a helicopter. Eventually, the helicopter crew observed a person lying in the snow approximately four miles from the vehicle. After landing, the crew found the 35-year-old woman deceased.

Weather conditions prevented law enforcement and coroner's office personnel from reaching the woman until the morning of Feb. 24, when they recovered her body.

The cause and manner of the woman's death remain under investigation, but no evidence of anyone else nor foul play was found in the area.

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