Mile High Lobster Shack has been in the Fort Collins area for a few years now; I see them a lot in Downtown Loveland outside of Verboten Brewing and other locations. They seem to have a great following.

It looks like competition has washed up to shore, so to speak.

Dill's Maine Lobster Shack started business in the area in July of 2020, just in time for local craft breweries to open up with food trucks parked outside.

The major difference between the two lobster shacks is that Mile High's owners, who brought their recipes and ingredients straight from Maine, have recently passed on the restaurant to their successors, two Colorado natives who will be carrying on the previous owners' traditions. Meanwhile, Dill's owners are Maine natives who now live in Northern Colorado.

Sounds like a taste-testing outing is in order.

Good luck, gang!

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