Watch Colorado go from sunny and 75 to blowing snow and BRRR in just 25 seconds! (OK, so it didn't really happen that fast -- but it felt like it.)


Earlier this week, Colorado had record-high temps, flirting with 80 degree highs in November. However, on Thursday morning, something felt... different. We had an overcast start to the day with the crisp, fall chill in the air that we'd been missing.

And then, by 7 p.m. on Thursday, I was brushing a few inches of snow off my windshield and driving home in what felt like a near whiteout. (Of course, it's all pretty much melted now -- welcome to Colorado.)

9NEWS (KUSA) in Denver posted a 25-second time lapse on Facebook that shows us just how quickly our weather 180'd this week. Check it out: